Concert: Gregory Douglass and Anne Deming (2006)

Artist: Gregory Douglass

Date: June 17, 2006

Opening Act: Anne Deming

Venue: Collected Sounds Living Room

City: Minneapolis, MN

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

Both Gregory and Anne put on great shows. This was a really fun evening. Not going to go to much into reviews, as such since I love both these artists
both as performers and as friends. It would just be a bit of a gush fest.

But I do need to point out that Anne’s voice gave me chills and Gregory’s a capella version of
Sarah McLachlan’s, “Hold On” had me literally in tears. *sigh*

Set lists

Gregory’s Set List:

1. Crazy Love

2. Upside Down (used in the movie Open Cam)

3. Sail the Sea

4. Hard

5. Dry

6. The Witches Son

7. Virginia

8. Hush

9. Hold On

10. Encore:

11. Welcome Back

Anne’s Set List:

1. (New song)

2. Midnight Hour

3. Haunted

4. Lost Soul

5. Cowboy

6. For You

7. Screaming

8. (unsure of name–Lay me Down?)

9. Bring Me Happiness

10. Crawl

[Anne Deming Official Site]

[Gregory Douglass Official Site]

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