Concert: Mute Cute Girl in Toronto

Artist: Mute Cute Girl (Sarah Slean and Friends)

Date: January 27, 2001

Venue: Rivoli

City: Toronto, ON Canada

Review by by James McGarry

Sarah Slean was scheduled to perform at the Rivoli in Toronto, ON on Thursday January 27th. She unfortunately got laryngitis and was instructed not to sing at risk of doing permanent damage to her voice. But like a true performer, she didn’t want to disappoint her fans. She show must go on! So Sarah and her Manager, Heather, put together a wonderful show!

Here is a recap from one of her fans who attended the show.

I think we’re all still in awe, Heather, “I just made some phone calls, man”, managed a, there’s no other word, miracle. I just don’t know what to say, gushing words don’t even do it…

The band:

Sarah Slean: piano and dry erase board
Sjanie McInnes: backing vocals and Sarah’s “Voice”
Kurt Swinghammer: guitar magic
Drew Bersten: bass
Mark Mariash: percussion
Tory Cassis: trumpet

There’s no real describing it though. I must say when Ms. Pollack tells
you there is a “surprise” you will be _surprised_. This was a dream, it
had to be, kids, this did happen, right?

All I’m thinking is, “Anyone else woulda just canceled. No one, on
_this_ planet would’ve rounded up a pile of musical pals and made
magic.” I’m so giddy thinking about this 🙂 It, it… it was an amazing

Get well soon, Sarah!


Set list

(Thanks Tab!)

Me & Jerome by Jay Englishman
Before Your Time by Kurt Swinghammer
My Invitation by Sarah Harmer
Habit by Dave Matheson (Moxy Fruvous)
Bonnie’s Song by Coco Love Alcorn
High by Tory Cassis
Eliot by Oh Susanna & Leslie Fiest (Fiest/By Divine Right)
Weight by Moe Berg
Blue Parade by Sjanie McInnes

[Sarah Slean Official Site]

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