Concert: Taking Back Sunday in Manchester

Artist: Taking Back Sunday

Date: May 17, 2006

Opening Act: Eisley

Venue: Manchester Academy 1

City: Manchester

Review by [David Adair]

The Texas outfit Eisley’s grunge skirting pop/rock swivels around the deep but delicate voices of the two Dupree sisters. ‘My Lovely’ catches the attention early on for its Throwing Muses with a darker touch sound, coaxed along by a gripping keyboard element that slides between the roving guitars to capture the poignancy of the track. The song title that summed up why many listen to the likes of Taking Back Sunday, ‘Release’ featured vocals that hung out like washing on a Monday morning to highlight the swelling heart of this multi-layered quintet. If debut album ‘Room Noises’ didn’t quite make the splash that those behind it intended it to, then it could be a case of second time lucky, if new number ‘Taking Control’ with its rumbling percussion and confident lyrical glide is anything to go by. All in all, Eisley provide satisfying refreshment and shows gratitude to the large gathering, although some of that may be down to the fact that many of in attendance are too young to hang out in the bar.

Maybe it’s the slashing post rock guitar kick that often propels the New York outfit, Taking Back Sunday’s sound or their punk skeleton, with which they flesh out their emo ways that make them the most palatable band from this often poisoned chalice of a genre? The Adam Lazzara fronted troupe leap into a hungry set from which the crowd feed off, savouring every word of the brazen ‘Bike Scene’, from 2002’s ‘Tell Your Friends’ album. A high jinx pit is formed towards the middle, growing in size for tracks from the searing ‘Where You Want To Be’ full length offering.

The slow and haunting build up to latest single ‘Make Damn Sure’ is punctuated with hungry cheers from the masses who raise hands and voices, as the anger slowly bubbles in time with the launching of the whining guitars and sternly provocative lyrics that create a window to display the band’s heart. ‘Timberwolves in New Jersey’ abandons the high school, life-bating lyrics and lunges out with poetic bite at the clich├ęd game playing in life. Lazzara returns for the encore with only his acoustic guitar for company, it can mean only one thing; ‘Divine Intervention’. This subtle and dreamy ballad is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek, in order to detract from the pressure and intensity of playing such a number. ‘A Decade Under The Influence’ provides for the tension releasing rock-out that many in attendance had hoped for and ensures Taking Back Sunday finish with kick and bite.

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