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On Wednesday, March 7th, Ellery will be video-taping a live performance that will be aired later this year on PBS stations around the country.

They are looking for people who would wnat to come see the show and be a part of the audience. So if you’re in the Cincinati

The event will be held at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, in its beautiful 20th century theatre. You can take a look at it here

It’s all ages and free!!! You can pick up ticket vouchers at outlets around the Cincinnati area, including Joseph-Beth and several others. Check [here] for more info, or call The Carnegie at 859-491-2030 for more information.

Also they have a new live record in the works.
Here’s what they say:
“Our new live record, “What I’ve Said Out Loud,” has been sent off to manufacturing, and will be available in just a few weeks. We were desperately hoping to have it available on March 7th to help us celebrate the big evening… But alas, the manufacturing gods do not always comply.
In lieu of being able to offer you that very cool Release Date, here’s a little peek at the cover art, which we love. [Check it out!]
PS at the time of this writing, there was an error with that link, but I’m leaving it there, in the hopes that they’ll fix it soon!

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