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This week’s featured artist is Liza Anne. I discovered her many years ago and really love her music. She has a new record out now too! Click for full story, photo, links. etc.

Liza Anne was born Elizabeth Anne Odachowski and is originally from the state of Georgia.

Liza Anne

Liza Anne

It’s been quite a while since I first heard her music. I have her album, The Colder Months, which came out in 2014. So I no longer remember how I found her.
My guess is Amazon Music or Spotify. But at any rate, I’m glad I listened when she was new and that I’ve remained on her mailing list and connected on social media because I was aware when she released her newest album, Bad Vacation. It’s a good one!

I really can’t find much info on her personal life online. The “bio” on her site is a blurb about her new record, as opposed to a biography. So if you want to know more about her, I suggest following her on Instagram. She’s quite candid.

I could go on about her style, trying to describe it, and comparing her to other artists, but honestly, it’s better if you just listen for yourself. She’s amazing!

A few stand out songs for me, and the albums they are from:
“I Am Not in Love Anymore” – The Colder Months
“Devotion” (sort of an 80s feel) – Bad Vacation
“Thin Ice” – Bad Vacation
“Ocean” – Two
“The Colder Months” – The Colder Months


The Colder Months (2014)
Two (2015)
Fine but Dying (2018)
Bad Vacation (2020)

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