Go Jordin!

I have NEVER voted for American Idol or for any other show for that matter. I never even watched a whole season of it before this year. But I was so moved by Jordin Sparks last night that I sat there redialing my phone for 30 minutes before I got through. And up to now Mindy Doo was my favorite. But Jordin? Ach, she just got me. I love her. It’s official.

However, I would not be sad if she didn’t win. It seems that winning is not always really winning. Look at Reuben. Jordin will be famous no matter what and guess what? Me, the music snob who rejects everything commercial and sugar poppy and really only respects those who write as well as sing, will probably buy her record. Because I am just that much of a hypocrite. And she’s just that good.

[Her Site]

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