Interview: Aenima

An Interview with Aenima by Anna Maria Stjarnell

What’s the music scene like where you live?
Carmen: “To be honest, I’m not aware of what is going on really. But I know that usually people follow a trend, and that is “nu metal” right now. If I turn on the radio, in a general way, I’ll always hear that kind of music and influence everywhere.”

How long did this album take to make?
Carmen: “It took about two months in the recording and mixing process. Composition stretched freely for about a year. It was really nice, because we were responsible for the whole process together, with no outside interference. We had time to record it without that much stress.”

Are you going to tour?.
Carmen: “We don’t have anything to tell you for sure yet… there are a lot of proposals from all over Europe, and we can’t wait to get to different places and play live, but we are so remotely in a corner of Europe, that it is sometimes very difficult to get the terms we need. As I told you, there should be something happening this fall, but nothing is certain now.”

What music do you listen to?
Carmen: “I listen to a lot of different things. From classical music to lots of different styles. For me it is important to hear how people get their creativity outside in several styles of music, you can sometimes get inspired by things that seem very much out of your context, but work just fine when you blend them in with what you know.”

Have you found replacements for the band members who left?
Carmen: “We already have a full-time guitar player, Pedro, who fits the band very nicely… seems to have been born to play with us, as we share so many things and get along fine. We briefly had another drummer, and we were very happy with him, but his professional life made it impossible for us to work together, so presently we are again auditioning drummers. The last few gigs we played we went back to the ADAT backing track, but while it works on some contexts, there are times where we really hate not to have a drummer. That should be taken care soon, hopefully.”

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