Interview: Ekayani

An interview with Ekayani by Anna Maria Stjärnell

What inspires you to write songs?
Emotions I have been processing for a long time and have been analysing. Friends and lovers. A search for spiritual solutions to problems. And a good piece of music.

Do you feel there’s a genre you belong to or are such categories irrelevant?
I belong to a lot of categories” at least with FULL LENGTH-World, Spoken Word, Adult Contemporary, Experiemntal..which proves that categories are irrelevant! Expression and creativity are the most important thing.

What’s your audience like?
Men, Women, Young Old. We have answered the question with the answer to the previous question.

Will you be touring europe sometime soon?
I’d love to! Going back to France would be a treat since that is where I got my start in music. 5 of the songs on FULL LENGTH were written in Paris with my collaborator and composer Paul Mahoux who hails from there. Say the word! As of now, no plans.

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