Jonatha Brooke revisited

I plan to highlight one artist per week that I have discovered over the years.
copyright Amy Lotsberg

Today I chose Jonatha Brooke. Mostly because her concerts are another bright spot in my week! Every Monday she broadcasts from her kitchen for an hour (or so) long concert. She checks the chat and talks to viewers and answers questions. It’s super fun and I love hearing all her songs again. She’s a very engaging performer.

This coming concert, on Monday (June 1) at 2pm central time she will be doing requests and answering questions she didn’t get to in past concerts. Set your reminders to tune into her Instagram or Facebook page to watch. (I prefer Facebook since Instagram cuts off after 1 hour and the layout is funky.)


Also she is releasing an album of her songs, re-worked, called The Sweetwater Sessions and you can order soon, on her site. It will be released July 10th. Here’s the link to pre-order. I got mine!

The single, Taste of Danger, is out now and you can hear it if you go to her Facebook page.

See you on Monday!
Note: the pic shown is one I took when she played the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis. Many years ago.

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