Just a Friday Quickie….not *that* kind!

Hey Everyone

I’m super busy today so I’m just throwing up a quick note. Then it’s back to the kitchen. I am throwing a small soirée tonight for the hubby’s birthday.

Just wanted to note that yes that bridge collapse was here in Minneapolis but everyone I know is OK. At least I think so. I have heard from everyone I know uses that road and they’re all good. But last I heard there were still 30 people missing.

My thoughts go out to all those families that are missing or have lost someone. I’m sending good vibes out to the Universe that everyone you know and love is safe.

If you are a local musician and you want everyone to know you’re OK, comment on this post and then everyone will be able to read it. I already know Brianna Lane, Barbara Meyer and Ellen Stanley are OK.

OK back to the guacamole!

I’ll have more news for you soon, I promise.


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