Kelly Clarkson: Please don’t go changin’

I saw this post on Idolator today:

[Kelly Clarkson Returns to pop…]

This makes me sad. I never really cared that much for Kelly Clarkson’s music up to now. Oh I watched her on Idol and I rooted for her. I’ve read articles about her, interviews…she seems like a really cool person. I just don’t care for mainstream pop music that much.

However, when I saw her on Idol this year singing her new song I was amazed. I even said to the hubby, ‘I’m totally going to get that record when it comes out.’ She was fantastic.

And now I hear that it’s not doing well and she’s had to [publicly apologize for it!!! ]

This is why I will continue to support independent musicians. Sure I’ll buy the odd mainstream record if it’s not already sent to me for review, but this kind of thing really pisses me off.

Kelly, your new style is great and don’t let anyone tell you different. I wish you could continue to pursue that instead of having to cow tow to The Suits. But I understand contracts. I just hope that when yours is up you will be able to really blossom as the artist you are meant to be. I will be there to review and support!

[Kelly’s Official Site]

Note: here’s another thing that I find extremely irritating…I went into Amazon to get the link for this record and when you find her and click on her name this doesn’t even show up. It shows all her previous records including all the singles, but not My December. So if someone wanted to buy it they really have to look for it. Clive? Anyone? Care to comment?

[Buy it here]


I can’t embed it, but go [here] to see a video from the new record.

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