Land of the Blind/Cyoakha Grace News

Cyoakha Grace of the band, Land Of The Blind has composed the soundtrack to the indie zombie movie, “Flesh of My Flesh“. Here’s the download page, which has some trailers and stuff.

[Click Here]

“A SUBLIME SUBORBITAL VOICE” says The Rocket, Seattle

She’s also been part of a CD compilation called Women Take Back The Noise

Here’s what she says: “After 3 years in the making, this three CD set features female composers from all over the world, the best of Noise/Experimental & Avant!, All hail to our favorite faerie, producer Ninah Pixie of Big City Orchestra.”

Check out the link and order now for some special bonuses.

[check it out]

Land Of The Blind has also been busy recording a haunting new CD inspired by a month long tour in Australia. The tour went so well. They sold out concerts and also sold all the CDs they could ship over there Congrats to them. It sounds like it was wonderful.

Looking forward to hearing the new record. I’ve reviewed them in the past:

[Review of Ordinary Magic]

[Land of the Blind Site]

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