Lotte Kestner

Lotte KestnerThis is by no means a new artist. You might remember a band called Trespassers William from way back in the late 90s-early 00s.

I was obsessed with their 2002 release, Different Stars. It was so beautiful and calming. I went through a period many years later where I had pretty bad panic attacks. One of the only ways to shake myself out of them was to listen to songs from that album. So I made sure to always have it with me (on my phone) so I could pop in those earbuds and calm myself.

Well, part of what made that music so amazing was the voice of the lead singer, Anna-Lynne Williams.

Flash forward to about 2008 and Anna-Lynne is now known by her stage name, Lotte Kestner. I remember hearing that was still making music and being so relieved! I wanted to be sure you all knew about her too.

She recently released an album called Covers, Vol. 2 – Listen on Spotify. She covers Catherine Wheel!

Here’s the rest of her stuff.

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