Album Review: 1001 American Nights by Annie Dinerman


Album Name: 1001 American Nights

Artist: Annie Dinerman

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

a Review by Amy

I’m trying to get this album, I really am. Judging from the cover art Annie Dinerman looks like someone I’d like to meet. She looks fun. But I hate to say I’m not grooving on the music. The opening song, Scheherazade, sounds like it belongs on the Footloose Soundtrack or some other ’80s movie. It just sounds a little outdated to me. In fact the second song has the same issues.

Then some of the other songs (Clip The Wings Of An Eagle for example) have a Sesame Street feel. I guess it is just not my thing.

Also, I can’t get past the fact that she pronounces ‘greasy’ as ‘greezy’. Alton Brown does that too and while I adore him, that makes me cringe.

Halo ‘Round My Heart has a do-wop sound. Do-wop may be my least favorite style of music. Well, it’s battling blues for that title.

I will say that the songs are well written, they have nice melodies, I maybe just don’t groove on the production and the arranging. But perhaps you will. I guess I am not the target listener for this one.

Track Listing

1. Scheherazhade
2. He Just Loves Her
3. Single Woman
4. Maybe, Maybe
5. Child In Me Again
6. Clip The Wings Of An Eagle
7. Same All Over
8. Loving Beyond My Means
9. Halo ‘Round My Heart
10. Magdalena, No
11. The Lady Down The Hall
12. Greasy Spoon
13. Love You Like You Are Today

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