Album Review: Dreaming through the Noise by Vienna Teng

dreamingthrough1.jpgI broke down today and bought Vienna’s new record (I was trying to save some cash and was hoping someone in her camp would send it for review, but alas…)

I just have to say holy crap. It’s beautiful. It’s very whispery. But “Ponchetrain” just started and I have chills, people.

2006/Zoe Rounder Records

Track Listing
1. Blue Caravan
2. Whatever You Want
3. Love Turns 40
4. I Don’t Feel So Well
5. City Hall
6. Nothing Without You
7. Transcontinental, 1:30AM
8. 1 BR/1 BA
9. Now Three
10. Pontchartrain
11. Recessional

I’ll write more later, but for now…. BUY IT seriously.

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