Album Review: Passion is Timeless by Jo Bywater


Album Name: Passion is Timeless

Artist: Jo Bywater

Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

This really took me back to the moments I first heard Ani DiFranco’s early music and I feel in love with it.

These songs are really raw, strong, and emotional. I like it. Bywater has an excellent vocal style for this genre. It’s so gutsy and very vulnerable sounding too at times.

Her guitar style is powerful and deliberate.

Who says you need a whole band and tons of layers? I normally love that stuff, but when you’re as talented as Jo Bywater, you don’t need (and it’s better not to have) all that other stuff. It would just get in the way.

Note: my CD was a promo so it did not have the two live songs on it. So I can’t comment on them.

Track Listing

1 Timeless
2 Smokescreen
3 One Small Step
4 Glass Door (live kitchen cabaret)
5 Let Go (live kitchen cabaret)

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