Album Review: Spin EP by Spin


Album Name: Spin EP

Artist: Spin

Year/Label: 2007 / LABEL

The first song in here was kind of hard and I thought it was not going to be my thing, but the second song is really pretty, actually. Lead singer, Eric Rothenheber has a really nice rock-pop voice.

“Bleed” has a cool rhythmic intro.

It seems like they are bordering on classic rock (the squealing guitars) and modern rock (the rhythms and vocals). I kind of wish they’d pick one (modern rock, please).

It’s not something I would listen to everyday, but it’s well done, if not all that unique.

Track Listing

1. Not In Love
2. Home
3. Bleed
4. Playing Dead
5. Want to Tell You
6. Empty
7. Breathe

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