Album Review: The Esperantos


Album Name: The Esperantos

Artist: The Esperantos

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

Not sure why this was sent to me. It’s not female, and it’s not the genres I usually like. But I mean it when I say I listen to every single thing I get. Even the rap. Yes, some deluded promo people send me Gangsta rap. I’m sure those people just send stuff to everyone so they can tell their clients they sent out x number of CDs to impress them.

This isn’t rap though, thank goodness. I am not sure what you’d call it other than “rock”, but that’s so broad nowadays. It just doesn’t describe music very well. These guys are a little hard, but still have good pop melodies, which are catchy.

I don’t love it enough to listen to it for days and write an essay on it however. So I’ll just say, it’s cool alternative rock and I especially like the beginning of “Revolt” because it has an interesting melody.

Listen to some samples and see for yourself. If this genre is for you I think you’ll be happy. They’re talented, it’s just not my cuppa joe.

Track Listing

1. Escort
2. I’m You
3. Prognosis
4. Jesus Saves
5. Cool It Down
6. Got What I Need
7. Pollute My Mind
8. Better Treat Me Right
9. I’ll Be Your Man
10. Media Screen
11. Fuel For Greed
12. Revolt

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