Album Review: What He Says by Ringleader


Album Name: What He Says

Artist: Ringleader

Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

This is a nice little EP of really cool, fun pop music. There’s an air of a little Brit Pop here. There’s also a teensy bit of a 80s throwback sound. This is a good thing for me.

Lead singer, Lena Esposito has a sweet girlish voice. Chris Brownelle and Dean Perry fill out the band on Guitar and Bass (respectively).

The songs are very catchy. They really stayed with me. I realized “What He Says” was running through my head hours after I’d stopped listening.

They play around with rhythms and tempos and it makes a really nice record. I just wish it had more than three songs. Here’s hoping that Ringleader put together a full-length release soon. I see they have release previous records, I may have to check them out!

Track Listing

1. What He Says
2. Play Pretend
3. Jaywalker

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