Movie Review: The DVD by Sugar Cubes

Album Name: The DVD
Artist: Sugar Cubes
Year/Label: 2007 / Rhino

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve been a Sugar Cubes fan since I heard/saw the video for “Birthday” on MTV about a century ago. OK it was in the mid 80s. But I’d only seen a couple of their other videos since then.

We begin with the Icelandic version of “Birthday”. Yes, it’s actually sung in Icelandic. What an interesting language.

These films are filled with colorful, interesting images and weird hairstyles. If you want to see Björk pregnant check out the “Walkabout” video, which is in the bonus section. She does glow; she looks beautiful and so young. She’s still beautiful.

I had not seen or heard the song “Luftguitar” and my guess is it’s one of their very early works.

The English “Birthday” is not the one I am remembering. The one I saw was at least partly, concert footage. So I wonder if there’s another version out there somewhere?

This DVD is not big on extras. They consist of just more videos. I do wish this had the option of audio commentary by one of the band members because many times I wondered ‘what the heck were they thinking?’ I would also liked to have seen a ‘making of’ one of the videos.

These guys are nothing if not odd. It’s fun to hear these old songs again. This is a good DVD to play for a Retro party.

If Rhino keeps putting out these DVD collections I won’t have to tackle the long put off project of converting all my Betamax tapes of MTV videos to DVD.

Posted on February 26, 2006

Track Listing
1. Birthday (Icelandic)
2. Coldsweat
3. Deus
4. Motorcrash
5. Luftgítar
6. Regina
7. Planet
8. Eat the menu
9. Birthday (English)
10. Hit
11. Walkabout
12. Vitamin

Visit [Sugar Cubes on VH1]
They don’t have an ‘offical site’, as they are no longer together as a band

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