My Digital Rant

I am seeing an increase of records that are being digitally distributed. This means that there is no copy for sale at CD Baby, or Amazon or at your local store. You want it, you go to the website named, place your digital order, then download it.

You do have the option to download it in a variety of formats, which is good. Or in the case of Magnatune, you can pay an extra $5 and they’ll make one for you. They say it has full color artwork, but what that looks like is their artwork and logo. No artist artwork. No liner notes, no photographs of the artist or of the artist’s choosing.

I for one, certainly hope this is not the way that record buying is going.

I want the original format, on a disc with the artists’ artwork, liner notes, lyrics, and photographs that I can hold in my hot little music loving hands.

Yes, it’s true that if I like it enough I will likely burn it to my computer so that I can play it in my “jukebox� which is a music server hooked up to the main stereo. But I want the option to have a “hard copy� that I can play in my car or a boom box and not one I have to make myself.

Another selfish reason I don’t like this, is that when you buy a CD using my link from CD Baby or Amazon I get a little commission. It’s not much, but it’s the only way I make any money on this site and if that goes away, so do I.

Please continue to purchase your music traditionally, burn it to your computer or iPod or whatever, but please don’t let these digital only distributions take over!

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