NEW Series :: The Dead Smile by F. Marion Crawford

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know that while I am doing research for another podcast series, I thought I’d drop a quick and easy (haha*) one on you.


night pic of a tree against a blue sky

I actually took this pic in my backyard just before a storm broke.

Go! Listen! Subscribe, download, etc. And if you like it, it would be super helpful if you would write a review on Apple (I hate that Apple is the only one that matters, but it’s the truth).

*I thought just reading a story would be easy. But I should have learned my lesson with my first one, A Haunted House. I recorded chapter 1 4 times, and then editing in the theme song, background instruments, etc took DAYS! But I’m getting better at it, and it shouldn’t take so long in the future.


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