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SHARON KNIGHT AND T THORN COYLE: Songs for the Strengthening Sun

I reviewed Sharon Knight’s previous release, [Song of the Sea] in 2005. I really liked it so I was happy to hear that she’s got a new one coming out!

Here’s the press release:

Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle are pleased to announce the release of their second CD, Songs for the Strengthening Sun is a collection of 21 original chants written by Sharon and Thorn and produced by El Mundo Bueno Studios. The companion CD for their first release, “Songs for the Waning Year”, these songs celebrate the return of the sun and capture the joy of those who revel in the cycles of nature. Easy to learn and sing along with, “Songs for the Strengthening Sun” is sure to delight those who enjoy singing in the season’s turns.

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Track list:
1 Force of Nature
2 Take Your Spirit Down
3 Tipping Point
4 Shining Twins
5 Hail Brigid
6 Briar Rose
7 Serpent’s Well
8 Frey and Freya
9 Joys of Springtime
10 The Maypole
11 Heart’s Desire
12 Standing in Tiphareth
13 Blessings of the Summer Stars
14 Awakened Soul
15 Jewel of the Sun
16 Gwion Bach
17 Nature’s Bounty
18 Blessing Waltz
19 Alchemy
20 Promethean Heirs
21 Rising of Breath

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