New Sheila Nichols (free mp3s too)

Remember Sheila Nichols? Man I loved her albums, [How strong] and [Wake].

So I was beyond thrilled when I saw that she’s got some new stuff coming our way! I’ve been allowed to share a couple of songs with you!

Click the links, then on the name of the song, Right click and choose save link as…
[Natural Law]
If you’d rather just listen:
[Natural Law]

Damn, it’s good to hear that voice again!

Press Release:
Sheila Nicholls’ first new release in 7 years, Songs from the Bardo, is an interesting combination of genres. Shifting easily from acoustic singer-songwriter to studio trip hop grooves.

“Songs from the Bardo is an exploration of what interlaces the personal with the universal. What we experience individually, that ultimately makes us the same.”

Since moving to the US from England, Sheila has performed with NY-based group Splendid Frock, recorded 3 solo albums and started her own label, Essex Girl Records.

“After releasing two albums with Hollywood Records, I decided to lay low for a minute. I built a studio, bought equipment, and taught myself ProTools. I really wanted to expand my abilities and have more creative independence. Consequently this record took a while because I did it myself, with some help from friends. Oh and I also had a baby.”

Available now, ‘Songs from the Bardo’ delivers an LP experience in which Sheila co-produced as well as wrote the entire album.

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