Parlor Party: Kyler England TONIGHT!!

Kyler England
Saturday August 16, 2008 8:00 pm

Collected Sounds Living Room
Minneapolis, MN

I saw Kyler England perform on the same bill as Vienna Teng a few years ago and became an instant fan. We’ve been talking about doing a show for some time now and we’re both glad it finally has
come together! Here’s a little more about her:

“Listening to any Kyler England song, it’s easy to believe you’re hearing a classic in the making: gorgeous, organic pop music that speaks to your heart like a close friend.
Her soulful voice draws you in with its fragile strength, then leaves you breathless when it soars to brilliant heights. She sings like you’d always wished you could, with all the raw honesty of your
most painful moments and all the beauty of your fiercest hopes. There is something universal going on here, something magical. Comparisons to Sarah McLachlan and Patty Griffin are mere approximations;
Kyler has a style and charisma all her own.”
–from Kyler’s official bio

[See more videos]

[Kyler England Official Site]

Kyler England: Live Wire Volume 2: The Official Bootlegs / The Green Room Sessions
Live Wire Volume 2 (2007)

The Green Room Sessions (2006)

Live Wire (2005)

A Flower Grows In Stone (2003)

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