Parlor Party: Steph Taylor and the State Of THIS WEEKEND!

Steph Taylor

Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 4pm
Collected Sounds Living Room
Minneapolis, MN
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Please join us for our last show of 2008, possibly our last show EVER (especially if we have a poor turnout)

Steph Taylor and the State Of is the product of the recent marriage between
Steph Taylor’s edgy piano playing and Nabedi Osorio’s electronic-like live
drumming. Their dark pop sensibility was born out of their mutual love and
respect for each other’s instruments and is reminiscent of artists ranging
from Tori Amos and Bjork to Radiohead, and the Police. Taylor’s style of
playing is often percussive and dark where Osorio’s drumming is melodic and
steadfast. The common bond that makes their music come together is the
intricate nature of their respective styles and when coupled, they create a
dynamic sound larger than what’s expected out of two people.

With a plethora of new material, they are touring to showcase songs from
their upcoming album, Day Of Abandon, which has tracks that vary from live
drum and bass beats met with melodic piano movements to guitar driven rock
songs, all reflecting that dark, haunting sound that Steph Taylor is
notorious for capturing. To experience a Steph Taylor show these days is not
to see a songwriter in the spotlight, backed up by a drummer hiding in the
shadows. Instead, you see two girls sitting side-by-side, small framed with
large instruments in one spotlight that grants them the rightful title,
‘indie duo’.

Amy’s Note: Steph played here with Gregory Douglass in 2006 and I’ve been anxious to have her back ever since. Her album is amazing and she’s even better live. She is bringing drummer, Nabedi Osorio, with her this time, so it may be a little wilder than last time (is that possible?)
She’s a genius, I tell you…You don’t want to miss this. Plus, she’s hilarious.

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For Me (2003)

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