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Today’s Podcast Recommendation is 99% Invisible.

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This is one of the first podcasts I found when I first discovered podcasts in general. I was immediately interested because they’re so well written, and the host, Roman Mars has an amazingly soothing voice.

So the premise is that each episode is a glimpse into the “hidden world of everyday design”. I never once thought about why those benches outside buildings downtown are shaped the way they are. Turns out, they’re designed to be comfortable enough to sit for a bit when you’re waiting for the bus but not so comfortable you sit there all day. (sorry I can’t find which episode this was, if you know, drop it in the comments!)

There’s a fascinating one about where all your recycling goes. It might not be what you think (341: National Sword).

They did a sub-section of episodes that talked about clothing and fashion design that I found interesting as well (Plaid: Articles of Interest #2 and Punk: Articles of Interest #6).

If you were a bit older than me, you might remember houses that you could buy from a catalog and then put together yourself. Yep, from Sears. (323: The House that Came in the Mail).

This podcast is brought to you by the great podcast collective, Radiotopia. There are so many good podcasts on this network, but this is for sure, one at the top for me.


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