Podcast Rec:: Where is Lisa?

I was made aware of this podcast by a long time Collected Sounds Friend/artist, Allison Crowe. Lisa, the missing woman, is her friend.
Where's Lisa podcast
Here’s the description:
On a long weekend in the summer of 2002, Lisa Marie Young went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. There were big changes ahead; a move to a new apartment, a fresh start on a career with big dreams of becoming a sportscaster. But that night, Lisa got into a red jaguar with a young man from a prominent family and was never seen again. People who live in Lisa’s hometown believe they know who is responsible for her disappearance. Producer Laura Palmer explores the tragic real life tale behind an urban legend haunting a small island community.

I hope those responsible for her death (and any cover ups) are held accountable.

Search “Where’s Lisa” in your preferred podcast app or listen on their Podbean page.

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