Pretty Little Head

While looking around on CDUniverse I also saw Nelly McKay’s “Pretty Little Head� CD for sale. However, it says it’s not released yet.

So I did an Internet search for it and found if for sale on But that site says it will begin shipping 01/01/2010 (that’s 4 years from now!!) But there is some good news…I got the track list! Except I’m pretty sure this is the track list it had when Sony was going to put it out. Nelly’s SONY-FREE version has 23 songs I think. So this is not exactly accurate, but it’s more than I knew ten minutes ago.

Track Listing:
1. Cupcake
2. Pink Chandelier
3. Big One
4. GES
5. Beecharmer – (with Cyndi Lauper)
6. Columbia`s Bleeding
7. Tipperary
8. Real Life
9. We Had It Right – (with K.D. Lang)
10. I Will Be There
11. I Am Nothing
12. Long And Lazy River
13. Down Low
14. There You Are In Me
16. Happy Flower

I just did a little more digging and every site that lists it has the 16 track list so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the other 7 songs are.
I also learned that Cyndi Lauper and kd Lang are on the record.
Last time I visited Nelly’s website it was still run (pathetically badly) by Sony. Now it’s gone.

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