Pssst, I did a thing…

Collected SoundsHey friends! I did a thing…I published the trailer for my podcast, Collected Sounds. Have a listen, please be kind. 
I really struggled to get it under 2 minutes (Apple will only allow trailers under 2mn) so the editing is a little janky.
Let me know what you would like this podcast to be! I’m open to ideas!
**NEW** – if you would like to tell your story on the podcast, please call the hotline and leave your story on the voicemail. Please understand that if you leave a message you are giving me permission to play it on the podcast! Call 612-281-4463. You can text here too. If you prefer emailing your story (for me to read on the podcast) please email me ( Leaving a message and/or emailing does not guarantee your story will be on the podcast.


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