Some changes a foot, perhaps?

Hey kids

Looking for some feedback here. I am finding it increasingly difficult (and even no longer fun) to run both this blog and Collected Sounds proper. It’s just too much work (for very little return). If I made millions on ads and didn’t have to work a ‘real’ job too it might actually make sense. But since that’s not the case, it no longer does.

Make sense, that is, for me to keep updating both sites. It’s actually three sites if you also consider the house concerts blog ( Also I am finding out that increasingly people are not visiting the main site nearly as much as the blog. I figure if I can make one really fantastic, full site that is better than two semi-good ones. Right?

So I am thinking of making some changes. Here’s what I have in mind:

Instead of posting CD reviews, concert reviews, spotlights, etc on the site I will instead put them here on the blog. Anything that is on the site now will remain there. Eventually I will move it all over to the blog (though this means re-creating literally thousands of pages in blog form instead of html form so I figure it will be years before it’s all moved). So for now the site-proper will remain as archives. All new material would be posted on the blog.

The blog will be structured like it is now, only there will be pages/sections representing the sections that are currently on the site: Album review, concert reviews, artist spotlights, and interviews. So that it will still be easy to find things.

What do you all think? And anyone know anyone who’d want to intern : )

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