Spotlight on Olga Salamanca

Olga Salamanca grew up all over the Midwest as her family moved from state to state. She remembers happy memories in the black hills of South Dakota as well as the very flat plains of North Dakota. She also remembers dreading piano lessons with various teachers and then slowly the music lessons phased out. Music didn’t enter again until 12 years later.

Olga eventually moved to southern California where she graduated from UC Irvine with a psychology degree. It was only after college when someone showed her a few chords on the guitar when Olga realized her talent for singing and songwriting. Olga’s dormant gift surfaced bringing to light an artist with raw natural talent.

Olga moved to San Francisco for graduate school in 1999 and this move somehow served as a catalyst for songwriting. Olga began to hit the San Francisco open mic scene with her acoustic guitar performing live for the first time. She let her brilliant voice breakthrough and soon became a favorite among the scene.

Although difficult to describe, Olga’s musical style has been compared to Fiona Apple, Mazzy Star, and Portishead. Olga conveys a musical honesty that is truly rare. Her voice and songs captivate any audience with the simplicity of just her and an acoustic guitar. Olga now plays with a full band adding a rich flavor that would tempt any palate. She and her band have performed at various venues throughout the bay area gaining popularity with each show.

With her debut album, Pale Light, Olga presents songs and lyrics that resonate deep within. You will find catchy tunes that make you want to rock out to sweet ballads that pierce your heart. Olga is an emerging artist that is guaranteed to move you.

Note: Olga is the Collected Sounds Spotlight of the Month for October 2005

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[Watch a video] of Olga performing on Open Mic Showcase. (this crashed my browser, but you migth have better luck)

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Pale Light (2005)


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