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Vienna Teng

I was introduced to Vienna’s music through someone on the Ecto mailing list (once again). I tell you this list is invaluable!

I hopped over to her website and listened to a couple of songs. I was blown away. Her music is just so amazing. The music is so beautiful and peaceful, with catchy melodies. and clever lyrics.

Vienna Quan-Yin Teng (which is a stage name) grew up in the San Francisco Bay area where she still lives. She attended Stanford where she began as a biology major/music minor, but quickly ended up spending more time on the music as a career in medicine seemed less and less appealing.

She released a demo CD (called…well, “demo 1998”) but her first full-length CD, “Waking Hour” was released in May 2001.

She later signed with Virt Records who helped her release “Waking Hour” (re-release) and “Warm Strangers” which came out in 2004.

In February 2006 she left Virt Records and joined Zoe/Rounder Records who released her following CD, titled – Dreaming Through The Noise.

[Vienna Teng Official Site]

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Waking Hour (2002)
Warm Strangers (2004)
Dreaming Through the Noise (2006)

VIENNA TENG: Waking Hour
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VIENNA TENG: Warm Strangers
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