The Works by Jonatha Brooke: out today

As I reported [earlier], Jonatha Brooke’s new record is out today!

[get it at Amazon!]

Go there anyway, even if you’re not buying, you can see a video there too!
Track List
1. My Sweet and Bitter Bowl
2. You’d Oughta Be Satisfied Now
3. All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me
4. My Flowers Grow Green
5. Madonna On The Curb
6. There’s More True Lovers Than One
7. Sweetest Angel
8. My Battle
9. Little Bird
10. Taste of Danger
11. New Star
12. Coney Island Intro
13. King of My Love

PS a thanks to Jonatha and/or her album cover designer for creating a cover that matches my site so nicely.

**note to commenter, I did know it was called The Works, it was a typo. Thanks for letting me know!! Also, if you use my link to buy you are supporting this site (I’m already supporting her by giving her free promo), so it’s your choice! 🙂

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