Vienna Teng House Concert_ Updated (2007)

We had the first of two house concerts featuring Vienna Teng and Alex Wong last night. I’ve posted some photos on my Flickr account.

[now, see here…]

The show was great. I wasn’t aware of Alex’s music until yesterday and let me tell you, he is AMAZING. They did some of his own songs too and he’s a wonderful songwriter.

We had some no-shows, which always sucks because those folks took seats away from other people who really wanted to be there and had to be turned down. But what can you do? Some people’s kids just have no manners, I guess. The good news is that only 3 or 4 people had to sit on the floor.

And we do it again tonight!


Here is the page for the show, complete with set lists and some photos:
[click here]

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