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I’ve been hearing some online buzzing lately about a new Vienna Teng album so I did a little detective work and here’s what I discovered:

She is about one month into recording the album in New York with some fabulous people. (Hi Alex Wong!). She and Alex have written at least one song together called Antebellum and you can read the lyrics on her scrapbook page.

It sounds fantastic with Alex working on string arrangements till the wee hours of the morning, utilizing a chamber string orchestra, and working endlessly to create a perfect sound. If you know Vienna’s work, you know that there are usually several layers to her songs. Well, it sounds like they’re spending a great deal of time and energy on making sure every string pluck and every ‘ting’ is exactly right. I know what you’re thinking…uh oh, that can make something sound antiseptic. But I wouldn’t worry, these people are geniuses and they know what they’re doing. I think we’ll love it.

You can read about it in her words on [Vienna’s Scrapbook].

Certainly check out [Eric Cheng’s site] – There are some fabulous photos of the recording sessions, including a video, which I have embedded here. But please go to his site too to see the photos and stuff.

Vienna Teng recording session in New York for album 4 from echeng on Vimeo.

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