View Norine Braun’s new music video, Crystallize

This came across my desk last month and somehow I missed it until now. The dangers of using two computers, I never know what I’ve already read. So sorry for the delay, but lookeee… this song is great and so is the video!

Here’s the press release:

Compelling Crystallize Captures Coastal Character

For Immediate Release
Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) Canada September 26, 2007 Building energy
behind her award winning single, Crystallize, Norine Braun premieres
her new music video showcasing First Nation west coast art styled
animation by RUN!RUN!RUN! a motion graphics animation company from
Toronto. Directed and designed by Davide Di Saro’, this uniquely
styled animation is applied graphically using all original hand
drawings and then rendered digitally which creates an intriguing

Vibrant visuals display a dynamic story of a crow and it’s numinous
relation to the singer-songwriter. The animated crows and other
spiritual animal totems glide and dance with magical colour and
psychedelic patterns captivating the viewer from start to finish. The
playful video’s mystical quality reveals the interconnectedness of all
things in keeping with the narrative of the song.

Crystallize is included on Norine’s latest multi-genre album
Evolution of the Blood Star and is receiving much praise; Braun was
chosen from a sea of artists to win the esteemed award Female
Singer-Songwriter of The Year in the Jazz category at the LA Music
Awards last November (2006). Her song ‘Crystallize’ boasted the
honors; it is optimistic and heartfelt; you will be swept up in the
dreamlike nature of Braun’s voice, pure to the ear. Sheila Hash, of
High Four Records, reacts to the song and says, “From the minute
Norine began singing I knew I would love this song. I literally got
the urge to break out into song and dance, definitely a voice that
could turn around even the worst mood.

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