Vote for Kweevak CD of the Year 2007

The 8th Annual Round of Voting for Kweevak CD of the Year has just begun and runs through January 31, 2008 at:


Nominations Include these albums which were covered on Collected Sounds:
*Linq :Fast Moving Dream [Read Review]
Alaria Taylor: Bread or Water [Read Review]
*Amilia K Spicer: Seamless [Read Review]
*Buick Audra: Rose Ink [Read Review]
*Julia Othmer: Oasis Motel [Read Review]
*Julie Loyd: All That You Ask For [Read Review]
*Leslie Clemmons: Waiting For My Convicton [Read Review]
*Lisa DeBenedictis: Tigers
[Read Review]
*Mesmere: An Overlong Welcome [Read Review]
*Monica Attell: Band Geek [Read Review]
*Women In Docs: Under A Different Sky [Read Review]

*Note, I show these came out in 2006 or before. But I guess they are going by what year they got it, not what year it was released. The only one released in 2007 is Alaria Taylor. But they can play by whatever rules they like! 🙂

Congrats to all the artists!

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