Year End Boy Round Up: Part One

Well, it’s getting close to the end of the year and I still have stacks and stacks of CDs on my desk. The goal was to get them all off before the new year begins. Hah. Not going to happen unless I just sweep my arm across the desk.

I get mostly female musician submissions, but I do get some guys too. I do state in my policy that I will certainly listen to all the CDs I get, I always give preferential treatment to the ladies. Once all the female fronted CDs are off the desk, then I look to the guys. Well, that time never came. So over a couple of days a week or so ago I sat down and listened to (almost) all the CD submissions from the guys. The ones I really liked, I wrote full reviews which will go up on the main site, the others I made quick little notes and will post them here.

This will be in at least two parts. Here’s Part One:

Now’s the Time by BC Campbell:

It’s like classic rock kind of 60s feeling. I don’t really care for it. My hubby kind of likes it. Maybe I’ll give it more time. It gets better.

Out of the Woodwork by Lawrence Blatt

Instrumental guitar. I am not a fan of instrumental music and even the stuff I do like I really only like piano, so I am not qualified to write a review of this.

Reach by Michael Paul
His voice is cool. It reminds me a little of Jeff Buckley. Not quite that fantastic, because that’s pretty damn fantastic, but still. Actually now that I think about it, he sounds a little like Rufus Wainright.

It’s piano based which is a step in the right direction for me. But I do think it needs a little more instrumentation. Some of the songs are fine with just the piano, but some need some swelling orchestration to really round it out.

Cast Iron Letters by Adam Zwig

The lyrics to ‘Who Killed Michael Vaughn’ are pretty simple. It’s very repetitive and boring to me. I think the songs all sound alike.

Since this is his 4th release I am sure he has fans out there. I just don’t get him I guess. I don’t mind his voice, it’s nice. But the songwriting, the melody in particular bores me.

Wear My Hands Out by Nebulai
I expected to hate this. I thought it would be gangsta or hip hop judging by the cover art. But I admit, I think it’s pretty cool. It’s really more like funky soul.
Since I am not well versed in the genre I am a little afraid to try and act like I know what I am talking about so I will just say that while it’s not my usual fare, it’s good.

…more at a later date….

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