A peek inside my mailbox

I get many nice emails each day, people thanking me for the promo I do for them or for their favorite artist, asking for song identification help, telling me how much they love the site, etc. But then some days I get this:
name: christina

Email Content: this is the most horrible review ever! it sounds as if it has been written by my 3 yr old brother. please no longer write reviews. the album is great and your mistake is not knowing of it in the first place. you know nothing of music.

The kicker is that “Christina” (if that’s your real name) didn’t even bother to comment on the particular CD so I have no idea what she is even talking about. I don’t even know if she is talking about me since there are other folks who do reviews here.

I wrote back to her asking her to please elaborate, but my guess I won’t hear from her again. That might be best for all of us. She can keep her hate all to herself.

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