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Kristie Agee a blues singer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is not only a singer, but also an advocate for women, especially plus-sized women.

She considers herself an activist for anyone who is different or who has been judged based on who they are, fundamentally. As a plus-sized woman, she has been judged based on her size and can understand the trials of being different from the “norm”. She believes that diversity is what makes the human race so beautiful. It should be embraced.

Along with her band, Big Potential, she have recently released a CD of music with a message of self-acceptance and diversity. The songs are fun, bluesy and danceable.

Thanks you for your time. Thank you also for the amazing work you do for women in music and for daring to be different.

“Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style”, is available for free download at [their MySpace site].

See also [Kristie’s Official Site]

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