Album Review: Angela Predhomme by Angela Predhomme

ANGELA PREDHOMME: Angela Predhomme

Album Name: Angela Predhomme
Artist: Angela Predhomme
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Angela Predhomme’s debut is a nice record in the singer/songwriter genre. She has a sweet voice and has penned some good songs.

Opener Passing the Days is a little like Heather Nova, and has utterly gorgeous vocals and a fluid melody.

Georgia is darker, the singer singing of a girl in trouble. The melody is bright, but the words don’t match it.

If I Could Love Like My Dog is a bit on the silly side, but Predhomme pulls it off, with wide-eyed naivety of the charming variety on her side. The melody and piano playing is top notch.

Welcome Home is a fine moment, a moving song that’s well performed.

Angela Predhomme’s debut is very promising indeed.

Track Listing
1 Passing the Days
2 Everything is Alright
3 Georgia
4 When I’m Gone
5 Too Much Time
6 Release
7 Just Like Magic
8 If I Could Love Like My Dog
9 Transparent Eyes
10 Welcome Home
11 Nemesis
12 Little Girl

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