Album Review: Are We There Yet? by Groovelily

Album Name: Are We There Yet?
Artist: Groovelily
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is a well-produced solid album. The songs are well thought out, well-written and executed. They have a very polished style. You can tell they’ve been at this for some time. No amateurs here.

Valerie Vigoda and Brendan Milburn are the lead vocalists (and also the songwriters) and they both have very nice voices. Hers jazzy and clear…his, smooth and warm. They each also play several instruments. This is a talented group of people indeed.

Their sound is not easily described. At times reminiscent of oh, I don’t know Marc Cohn, Bruce Hornsby, and others of that ilk. Only Groovelily uses a fiddle, which adds a little Charlie Daniel’s feel to it

“Live Through This (Are we There Yet)” is my favorite track. The lyrics and the melody are catchy and fun (even if she does use the word “wronger”…I don’t care, I’ve long been ridiculed for using the word “funner” so I can’t complain).

“Apocalyptic Love Song (I Don’t Care)” is also a great song. It showcases Vigoda’s voice beautifully. Powerful.

If you’re looking for fun Adult Alternative Groovelily might just be your thing. I bet they’re great live as well.

Posted on September 9, 2003

Track Listing
1. Rewind
2. Live Through This (Are We There Yet?)
3. It’s All Right
4. Apocalyptic Love Song (I Don’t Care)
5. Post-Apocalyptic
6. This Is Going To Stop
7. Diva Girl
8. Open Letter To Madonna
9. Can You Believe
10. Happy, Happy, Happy
11. All I Want Is What I Do Not Have

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