Album Review: Bricoloage by OHO


Album Name: Bricoloage
Artist: OHO
Year/Label: 2009 / OHO Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

OHO are David Reeve and Jay Grabovski, they have a long career behind them and on this cd they are joined by many guest singers, mainly female.
The material is from various stages of their career. There’s a neat dvd with videos included also.

Opener The Great Attractor has gorgeous lead vocals and a bright folksy melody.

Close But No Cigar is more strident, a more progressive rock track with cool and measured vocals.

These songs are from different periods, but they stick together well, making a cohesive listen.

Dream Lifted Up is sweet and yet complex, and has a luminous lead vocal. It proves the band is great at writing tunes.

Limousine is gorgeously evocative and a little poppy, as ever they play with gusto.

The lengthy album has many riches and should be an ideal introduction to the band.

Track Listing
1. The Great Attractor
2. Eros Is a Verb
3. Burning Grey
4. Close But No Cigar
5. Time
6. Plowing the Sea
7. Blue Fix 3:43
8. S/he 3:27
9. Dream Lifted Up
10. Penultimatum
11. Under Covers
12. Painted Stars
13. Moon Draw Your Curtain
14. Limousine
15. The Secret
16. Antique Heart
17. Shouts in the Street
18. Ethiopia
19. It Will Not Be Late
20. Angels

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