Album Review: Camouflage Baby by The Histrioniks

Album Name: Camouflage Baby
Artist: The Histrioniks
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

The Histrioniks and I go way back. Actually, I don’t really know them personally at all. Just exchanged a few emails, but they’ve always been nice enough to give me a shout out on their albums’ liner notes.

As I’ve stated previously, their music is on the edge of weird. Which is a good thing. This one is maybe a bit more accessible. That is, it’s not quite as odd. I think I might like it best, actually.

They like to use choir like vocals. By that I mean there’s some unison singing, but some harmonies too. Sort of like Mates of State.

There’s a bit of twang and dirge as on (You Don’t Want To Be) In the Doghouse With Your Cat (come on, you have to like a song with a title like that) but there are some pop sounds too.

Interrupted Again reminds me of the beach. It conjures up mental images of Giget in a bikini doing the Jose and the Pussycats dance (anyone know what that’s called?).

I like the cover art on this one too.

Track Listing

1. Hey Sincere
2. It’s Time For Love
3. (You Don’t Want To Be) In the Doghouse With Your Cat
4. Interrupted Again
5. Women Are
6. Camouflage Baby
7. My World Is Empty Without You
8. Stop This Dream On Me
9. The Last Three Days
10. Forever Young
11. Abbey

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