Album Review: Connect the Dots By Rabbit

Album Name: Connect the Dots
Artist: Rabbit
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I really like this. It’s fun, rhythmic pop. It’s clever without being cutesy. Which is good cuz I’m kinda over cutesy. It’s still sweet and poppy though. Just the right amount. The lead male singer reminds me of the singer from Belle & Sebastian.

The song, Pea, reminds me of the Ben Folds and Regina collaboration and has some great lyrics: “You look stinkin’ foxy”

Fall into Love is really catchy and party-fun

On Magic, they remind me of Mates of State

Recipe for Love sounds like a children’s song, (except for the lyrics, hello!) but it really works.

I won’t say it sounds like She & Him, but I’ll say if you like their style you’ll probably like this too.
Seriously I love this. I’m making a copy to play in my car (I never keep the originals in my car, afraid they’ll melt, or freeze or get stolen).

Track Listing
1. Fall Into Love
2. Good Thing
3. Magic
4. Recipe For Love
5. Pea
6. Connect The Dots
7. Sun And Moon
8. Camera
9. I Want The Whole Thing
10. Ladybug
11. Now That I Found You

[Rabbit Official Site]

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