Album Review: Deranged Angel by ATP

Album Name: Deranged Angel
Artist: ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate)
Year/Label: 2000 / Bazooka Label Before the Dawnt

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Japanese band ATP have reached success in their home land and are now trying their luck abroad.

They have an energetic rock sound, powered by singer Taata’s unique voice. On this album Taata sings in both english and japanese with interesting results. Songs like “If You Ever” are good enough to be measured against any band you could care to mention. The softer “My Old Green Martian baby” has appealingly surreal lyrics and a great melody.

“Deranged Angel” is a refresingly original record with plenty of spirit.

Posted on January 12, 2002

Track Listing
1. If You Ever
2. Nowhere Girl
3. (You’re) Shiny Colors In My Palette
4. Psychedelic Child
5. Here We Are (slowly melting)
6. Cracked!
7. Beyond My White Time
8. Angel
9. Where Are We Going To?
10. Moon Dance
11. My Old Green Martian Baby
12. Raining Into Kyoto
13. Into Colors
14. Here We Are (Live)

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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: ATP’s deranged angel is Must Have for any alternative rock fans. Taata has Bork like ethereal voice but more edge( Distinctive may be the right word ). The band lead by hard driving guitar creates many MOMENTS within a song. They sounds like they know what they are doing. And they sound ORIGINAL…
~ mic on June 27, 2004

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