Album Review: Detours by Sheryl Crow

Album Name: Detours
Artist: Sheryl Crow
Year/Label: 2008 / A & M Records

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Review by David Adair

A settled collection of low key to mid tempo, country fuelled ballads that demonstrate a settled maturity from a seasoned performer just enjoying still being in the limelight. How often do you see that written about an established artist, as they settle into a groove to bolster their retirement fund? Anyone who has taken even a passing interest in the feisty, deep and sincere Sheryl Crow will know that this is never ever going to be written about her. In fact, changes in her life such as her recent adoption of a child, has made her sit up and take even more notice of what is going on around her.

An acoustically flavoured opener, ‘God Bless This Mess’ to the sixth studio album bears out this political edge, perfectly. Crow comes to terms with the way the world is, but still makes it plain in a Patty Griffin veined, calming and country tinged vocal manner that she is not happy with it. Should this insurrection arousing lash out make it anywhere near the earshot of George Dubya? Then it’s highly likely that one of his last duties in Oval Office will be to devise a way to deport an American citizen from her own country.

Lead single, ‘Love Is Free’ shows up a Shania Twain free spirit and is the furthest towards all-out pop this album gets, but it is still lyrically spiked and represents a punch in the face of capitalism. Perspicacity of the Nostradamus ilk is delivered through the slightly punk flavoured ‘Gasoline’, with the prediction of World War 3 in 2017. Guess what? It’s over petroleum. Also, featured in this bracing number is a cutting indictment of Governmental point scoring from tragedies;

“And we’ll be the last to recognize; where there is shit there’s always flies.”

A personal touch is added through the vocally tenderised title track, whereby the handicap of having a heavy heart is sweetly lamented. Modern attitudes to affairs of the heart are also shot at in ‘Diamond Ring’, but this time it’s a crystal clear, passionate and tugging Barbara Dickson range that is the weapon of choice.

An R N’ B slide gives the vibrant and rhythm bustling ‘Motivation’, some free spirited oomph when the Sharon Osborne generation are cut down to size. Such a mixture of feelings, thoughts and conviction in delivery is enough to inspire all those over forty, to speak out and not to slowly slip into retirement. Slow acoustic lobs and sprightly guitars provided courtesy of Jeff Trot, keeps the tone and pace in keeping with leading lady’s message and feeling, throughout the fifteen tracks. Crow can certainly still Crow with force, feeling and precision.

Rating; 4/5

Posted on February 14, 2008

Track Listing
1. God Bless This Mess
2. Shine Over Babylon
3. Love Is Free
4. Peace Be Upon Us
5. Gasoline
6. Out Of Our Heads
7. Detours 3:29
8. Now That You’re Gone
9. Drunk With The Thought Of You
10. Diamond Ring
11. Motivation
12. Make It Go Away (Radiation Song)
13. Love Is All There Is
14. Lullaby For Wyatt

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