Album Review: Dim Star by Full

Album Name: Dim Star
Artist: Full
Year/Label: 2003 / Mad Peeps Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

If you are used to listening to a lot of folk, pop acoustic music and I have and you are in the market for something different, this is a good bet.

The band is quite cryptic in explaining who the players are. “Music is always more important than biography, and what really matters is that great music gets made, not who makes it.”(-from their CD Baby page…I can’t really say agree, music doesn’t make itself, but we’ll let that go), so they’ve been given (nick)names.

“Ms Wings” supplies the vocals here and what a lovely voice she has. Reminiscent of Hooverphonic’s Geike Arnaert at times. The music is dreamy, jazzy, loungy, almost trip-hop, and all around cool. They make nice use of several instruments including trumpet and cello.

Tracks I liked best are opener, “Dimstar” and “Trip Up”. “Still” is beautiful and feels to me like it belongs in a film.

“Been Had” is haunting and “Break” is funky (and will do weird thing to your inner ear when on headphones, or maybe that’s just me).

This is a very nice record and if you like dreamy pop you’ll dig this one.

Posted on September 22, 2003

Track Listing
1. Dimstar
2. One/o/7
3. Money 3.1
4. Been Had
5. Parachute
6. Numbers and Weather
7. Mourning After
8. Break
9. Allergic
10. Trip Up
11. Flit
12. Still
13. Tiptoes
14. Redux

[Full Official Site]
Beware, their entire site is in a pop-up (why do people do this?) so if you have pop-up blockers you might not be able to access the site. They also have music playing immediately upon entering so if you’re already listening to something, it will clash…again…why? Other than those annoyances, the site is nice.



Rating: 5 Stars
i listened to this whole album from their website. i am in love with it. where are they from? their website makes it seem like they are in michigan but also out in the northwest. does anyone know? great piece of work…i recommend you give it a listen!

Rating: 5 Stars
Hey paula, pudd’n here, thanks for enjoying our album. We recently moved from Michigan to Seattle in order to play music full time. We’re gigging up and down the coast so if you’re interested check out our website for dates in your area. The cd is available at cd baby and direct from happy listening

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