Album Review: Illume by Illume

Album Name: Illume Illume (aka Alpa Goswami)
Artist: Illume
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Shoegazer Fan

First and foremost, singer/songwriter Alpa Goswami falls off key with alarming frequency throughout the entire 5 song EP. The softer the vocals, the harsher the sound, but when singing in her lower register Alpa’s right on and going strong!

That being said, the music does have merit. In the vein of Delirium, Conjure One and Enigma, Illume achieves a trip hop, dream-like feel from track one on, or I should say from track A through E. (Such a small thing but I found that to be a delightful variance from the norm.)

Catchy song titles and earthy designs will pique your interest like a forbidden fruit. Soft vocals and eerie sounds make for an interesting listen. Being a big fan of trance music, I found myself eager to move with the songs and absorb the lucid compositions.

Unfortunately, the flat vocals tend to distract from this appealing endeavor.

Posted on September 22, 2003

Track Listing
A. Fates
B. Blue
C. Blowing
D. Starlight
E. Birds Fall

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